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The Eastern Lights

A one of a kind digital tower featuring a unique internal lighting system to enhance the creative execution

The site is located head on to 3 lanes of vehicular traffic on the A13. The route connects Canary Wharf and East London with the densely populated and affluent county of Essex, as well as the M25 and the A406 North Circular.

Constantly busy during the day and delivering long viewing opportunities during commuter time due to the heavy traffic density.


A13, Newham Way, London, E6 6JF Download Map

Did you know?

The Eastern Lights' lighting technology is unique, constantly adapting the lighting on the tower structure to reflect the dominant colour from the creative execution, giving further impact to the location.

Audience Demographics
  • Male / Female

    73% / 27%



  • AB


  • ABC1


Audience Age Ranges
  • 16-24


  • 25-34


  • 35-44


  • 45-54


  • 55+


Top CACI Acorn Groups
  • City Sophisticates

    Index 150 vs. UK average
  • Career Climbers

    Index 189 vs. UK average
  • Steady Neighbourhoods

    Index 118 vs. UK average
Route Insights
  1. Young, Affluent, Male dominated Audience Indexing at 299 for AB Men 25-44

  2. Key location for targeting car brands. 100% vehicular indexing at 163 for AB Men who like innovative cars

  3. Linking Canary wharf and East London to the affluent Essex suburbs

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Sources: Route, DfT 2012-2014, CACI 2015

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