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London’s Air Ambulance

Ocean’s dedicated official charity is London’s Air Ambulance

What better way for London’s Air Ambulance to promote their amazing work and encourage donations to a cause unknown to many as a charity, than on iconic digital out of home locations which can themselves be seen from the air.

Having worked with the charity for the past two years Ocean are looking to continue supporting their life saving work for Londoners. Trauma patients can suffer injuries, which must be corrected quickly in order to prevent death or life-long disability. The London’s Air Ambulance team works alongside the London Ambulance Service to provide rapid, effective treatment as soon as possible after injury. Their advanced trauma doctors and paramedics can perform procedures to relieve pain, straighten broken limbs, perform open chest surgery to restart the heart, give blood and deliver emergency anaesthesia. At the roadside. Within minutes of injury.

In 2016, Ocean is supporting the charity with a series of planned activity under the I (Helicopter) LDN campaign, ensuring that we are spreading awareness of the charity across our network of premium digital screens to a value of a quarter of a million pounds, as well promoting the urgent requirement for a second helicopter to operate for 10 million Londoners.

More information about the charity can be found here.

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